Now this is something Westley from “The Princess Bride” would love to see: true love. Hopeless romantics, just like Cary Elwes’ fictional character, might like to think there such thing and the cynical usually scoff at it, but true love might be more than just an abstract concept after film maker Tatia Pilieva put together 20 strangers in a now viral video. MTV News reported that one of the pairs walked away from the set together; the experience possibly spawning a real couple.

For the three-minute video “First Kiss,” 10 couples who had never met were asked to make-out in front of cameras in order to promote the Wren Studio, a Los Angeles-based women’s clothing company. More than 30 million people have seen the video since it was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, with many deeming the video as “beautiful,” but what happened after the cameras stopped rolling could be even more heart-warming.

Fashion designer Melissa Coker, one of the women behind the video, told MTV News it seemed like the kiss sparked love between one pair: the two women. "I know [they] left the shoot together and went and spent the day in the park," Coker said, adding that the two women hung out at an event later.

Though there’s been some skepticism about whether the video was real or not. Coker maintains the 20 people were friends of either herself, Pilieva or her clothing line Wren. "It's kind of funny, the dialogue that sort of developed online and everything where people are like, 'This isn't real, there's actors in it!' It's like, 'Well, there's some people whose profession is actor, but it's L.A. after all, I can't help but have actor friends,'” Coker shared. “But everything that you see is 100 percent authentic and real and exactly as how the video explains it."

The couples are attired in Wren’s Fall 2014 line as they gear up, all awkwardly at first, before they sweetly and sometimes passionately kiss for the first time. For those who haven’t seen the viral video, check it out below:


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