“Game Of Thrones” has probably been the biggest drama series of this generation and it has enthralled the fans with many jaw-dropping moments. The TV series entered the 71st Emmy Awards last Sunday night with mind-boggling 32 nominations, which included nods for nine actors.

The night ended with “GoT” winning 12 Emmys, including the Outstanding Drama Series award. The whole cast, while on the stage, got a massive standing ovation from everyone present in the star-studded ceremony.

But did it deserve the award for such an underwhelming season that fans saw this year?

According to Esquire, the show undoubtedly changed the landscape of television. Through the years, viewers were spoiled with so much greatness that even the slightest of downfall would come like a nightmare for the fans as well as the creators. For the majority of its run, “Game of Thrones” was a marvel in the history of television. But since the ending of season five, the show went from a fascinating fantasy journey to just any other TV show.

The publication also cited the creators took six long years to develop the characters that everybody loved and shockingly decided to abandon the characters, putting all their efforts to end the show by showing just sensation. Everyone wanted to see big battles and dragons burning up the bad guys, but no one wanted to compromise on the story that has given fans so much of thrills and chills over the years.

According to Matt Miller, who wrote the article for Esquire, the script for the eighth season was really weak and the way the writers handled the Jon Snow-Daenerys Targaryen situation in the finale episode really angered the fans. In the final scene, we see Jon killing the Mother of Dragons in King's Landing and Drogon burning the Iron Throne while mourning his mother's death. Everyone felt that this scene had some greater meaning, but it turns out that the script demanded Drogon to fire the throne by accident.

A script from the episode released on the Emmy awards website revealed that there was no intention, no real meaning behind one of the most important moments of television history. Eight seasons of such epic scenarios and this is the best that David Benioff and DB Weiss could come up with. Some excerpts from the script went viral on social media and fans did not lose this opportunity to criticize the creators on such weak storytelling.

One of the fans went on to say that reading the script is much worse than seeing it playing out. Meanwhile, another ardent fan of the show admitted that people on social media had a better idea than Benioff and Weiss on why Drogon burned down the iron throne.

Many negative reviews surfaced online when the season ended. The Games Radar wrote in its review that the “season leaves a slightly bad taste in your mouth.” The review also noted that the season was too rushed, with characters taking minutes to make important decisions. On the other hand, The Independent noticed that season eight and its finale lacked “emotional resolution.”

Meanwhile, IGN labeled season eight as an “underwhelming finale” to an epic series. The review went to say that the characters should have gotten “better treatment.”

The fans also shared how disappointed they were after seeing the final season and especially the finale episode. The viewers were so frustrated with the ending that they started a petition to remake the last season without Benioff and Weiss. More than 1 million people signed the petition.

There were many reactions on social media as well. Below are some of them:

The cast of "Game of Thrones" appeared to present an Emmy -- the show is the winningest drama series in Emmys history
The cast of "Game of Thrones" appeared to present an Emmy -- the show is the winningest drama series in Emmys history AFP / Frederic J. BROWN