Thousands eagerly wait for the birth of April the giraffe's calf. Pictured: An 11-day-old newborn giraffe calf in his enclosure at Himeji Central Park in Himeji, Japan, Oct. 16, 2013. Getty Images

Tens of thousands tuned in to the live cam at Adventure Animal Park to see April the giraffe give birth, but a week later she is still not in active labor. While viewers waited to see the birth of a calf, a baby llama, which is known as a cria, was born Thursday.

“He has done well, along with mom, and has been moved indoors to avoid the drop in temperature,” Animal Adventure Park wrote on their official Facebook page in a Friday post. “This is our first llama birth on site; though we have had alpaca in the past. So congratulations to Rasta Llama and his lady Sweet Pea on the new little boy. (Every animal has a name).”

Precious as a baby llama might be, the upstate New York zoo made sure to address April’s pregnancy. She changed her behavior Thursday night by “moving in different patterns, choosing new spots to stand and sleep, and even going off her usual sleep routine (recognizable to our loyal viewers).”

The zoo didn’t have a reason why 15-year-old April’s behavior changed, but said it could be because, “continued increase in belly movements.”

But there’s no need to worry. Keeper reports stated, “all observed physical signs remain unchanged and on the positive.”

In a cute twist, April “released a statement” about her pregnancy stardom—and she doesn’t like the attention. “Hello, humans of the Internet. I, April the pregnant giraffe, understand that you are interested in the impending birth of my calf,” she “told” Tuesday. “It is a joyous occasion to be sure, and I'm happy to share my joy with the hundreds of thousands of people watching my live stream on YouTube. But newsflash: Staring at me and demanding ‘Where’s that baby already??’ is NOT helping.”

When a giraffe calf is born it weighs 150 pounds. A name for the baby-to-be has not been chosen. There will reportedly be a vote to name the calf.

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