The third and final “Wolverine” movie starring Hugh Jackman will officially carry an R-rating from the MPAA, according to its producer. 20th Century Fox

Many times, when asked to give a comment, Hugh Jackman would say that he does not know what the upcoming "Wolverine 3" movie will be about. Now, it seems that the actor has confirmed what fans had been suggesting all along -- the upcoming film will focus on Old Man Logan.

Jackman took to Instagram to share a photo of himself eating. The actor looks visibly older and slimmer in the photo, prompting fans to believe that he is teasing the Old Man Logan arc.

Jackman first teased the arc at last year's Comic Con. The actor walked out on stage and said, “I've got three words for you: Old Man Logan.” The actor later said it was just a joke, but the rumors persisted. There is still no word on whether the upcoming film will evolve on the said arc, but “X-Men” producer Simon Kinberg did confirm that the movie will be “set in the future,” according to Cinemablend.

The upcoming “Wolverine” film, which is rumored to be titled “Weapon X,” will be Jackman's last stint as the mutant character. The actor said he has had a great time playing the character but felt that it was time to let it go and let another actor take on the role.

“It was a gut feeling,” Jackman told Entertainment Tonight about the reason for his exit, before jokingly adding, “I don't know how many more egg white omelettes I can eat.”

When asked who he thinks would be a good fit for the role, Jackman told Yahoo Movies: “Channing Tatum could probably play him.” The actor also said that Tom Hardy would be a good replacement.

The untitled “Wolverine 3” movie will hit theaters March 3, 2017. The film will also feature Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Stephen Merchant and Richard E. Grant, among many others.