Jana Duggar is in California!

The “Counting On” star shared a snap of her posing outside a store named Jana on Instagram. In the caption she wrote, “Found my store!”

According to Jana’s followers, the store is located in Los Angeles.

“Might be a sign you should move to LA and take over the store!” one fan wrote.

“It's a fashion store that is extremely revealing in LA What a shame,” another netizen wrote.

Her younger sister, Jinger Duggar, already moved into the state with her husband Jeremy Vuolo and their daughter, Felicity. Since Jana is in the same state as Jinger, some fans were hoping that she would visit her sister.

“Enjoy LA. And getting to visit @jingervuolo and @jeremy_vuolo,” a different user wrote.

Meanwhile, many are wondering if Jana will be opening a new store. Many are convinced that if she’s not, then she should do so because she has the potential.

“Is this really your store or are you just joking? If you’re joking, you should really consider opening your own store. I’m sure that God would bless both it and you,” one follower wrote.

Another said that after following Jana on her family’s reality show, she noticed her talent, so she should make it a reality. The fan added that doing so would be a good outlet to “put those God given skills to work for you.”

“You Jana opening your own store would be a great idea!!! You have exquisite taste, good business sense and excellent people skills,” another netizen wrote.

Jana is the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Most of her younger sisters are already married, yet she remains single. There are different speculations as to why the Cinderella Duggar remains single.

There are rumors that Jana is lesbian and since the Duggar family is extremely religious, it only makes sense that she’s keeping it a secret and remains single. There were also rumors claiming that Jana is in a relationship with her best friend, Laura DeMasie.

Jana already denied the gay rumors and said that she has “little interest in women.” She added that she wanted the rumors to end.

jana duggar and jinger
Jana Duggar's (left) thoughts on courtship revisited. Jana is pictured with her sister Jinger Vuolo in a "Counting On" promo. TLC