After a brief blink-and-you'll-miss-it four-week season, the new champions of "Dancing With the Stars" were announced. The crowned winners of the special all-athletes addition? Adam Rippon and Jenna Johnson, a.k.a Team Just Friends.

The pair's win didn't seem like a huge shock, as they had been the front-runners of the ABC series since their first dance four weeks ago, always landing in the top spot on the leaderboard. Despite a freestyle routine that didn't impress quite as much as Josh and Sharna's or Tonya and Sasha's, they held onto that lead by a single point during the finale, and with viewer votes, managed to secure the win.

Naturally, the wildly popular figure skater, who now claims the title as the first openly gay winner of "Dancing With the Stars," had several fans who were overjoyed by the news on social media.

However, others seemed slightly less than impressed by the news, noting that they didn't feel it was a stretch that an ice skater would make it the finals, let alone win.

"Never surprised that an Olympic figure skater wins #DancingWiththeStars," one wrote. "LOL. I mean... if they can win Olympic medals for dancing on ice with skates..."

Others also weren't surprised by the fact that Rippon specifically won, saying that it had seemed destined since the moment the season's cast was announced.

Overall, it seemed more fans were actually critical of the shortened season as a whole, rather than who wound up winning, noting that they felt the short season was too rushed for their liking.

The news of Adam and Jenna's win comes after rumors flew that the 2018 Olympic star had been locked in a bitter feud with fellow finalist Tonya Harding throughout the short season, a rumor that was only kicked into higher gear when he said in an interview that he wasn't overly close to her and was critical of how her past was dealt with on the show.

However, other members of the cast, including Mirai Nagasu and Johnny Damon, as well as pros Alan Bersten and Emma Slater, stated post-finale that they had never seen any signs of a feud between the two, with Bersten even noting that the shortened season left "no time" for drama.

"Dancing With the Stars" returns to ABC this fall with both a regular season, as well as "Dancing With the Stars: Juniors."