• Metropolitan areas in the South in general are among the fastest

    growing immigrant destinations. Phoenix and Atlanta both have well over

    a half million immigrants, and Las Vegas and Orlando each have more

    than one-quarter million foreign born residents.

  • Immigrant populations in well-established gateway metro areas such

    as New York and Los Angeles are growing more slowly, a function of

    their large absolute size.

  • America's immigrant population can, in some ways, still be viewed

    as geographically concentrated. More than half of all immigrants live

    in the top 10 metropolitan destinations: New York, Los Angeles, Miami,

    Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington,

    Riverside-San Bernardino, and Phoenix.

  • By contrast, a little over one-quarter of all Americans live in the 10 largest metro areas.

  • Dallas-Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Las Vegas have emerged as major destination areas only in the past two decades.