• The first installment of "Aquaman" franchise was released in 2018
  • It earned $1.13 billion at the worldwide box office
  • Its sequel is slated to release in December next year

'Aquaman 2' Director James Wan on Thursday revealed the new title of the highly-anticipated DC Extended Universe sequel.

The first 'Aquaman' film was released in 2018. The new movie is title "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." The director shared on Instagram a photo of his laptop screen as the new title appeared on it. "The tide is rising," Wan wrote.

The title role is portrayed by Jason Momoa, while Amber Heard will play Mera.

After the director unveiled the title on Instagram, fans took to the comment section to react. One person wrote, "Just keep Amber Heard away pls."

Some fans, however, were not happy that the movie included Heard. "Would love to watch it… if Amber Heard wasn't involved," one of the users wrote.

More messages like, "take amber heard out of the film" and "Amber herd better be out of it! Or I ain't watching" also popped up in the comments section and most of them received hundreds of likes.

Many fans noted that they would be excited to watch the movie but wanted the actress out of the project. The actress often receives backlash on social media amid her ongoing court battle with actor Johnny Depp.

The first installment of the movie was also directed by Wan, which earned $1.13 billion at the worldwide box office and $332.9 million in the United States. "Aquaman" became the first DC movie to cross the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office since Christopher Nolan's 2012 flick "The Dark Knight Rises."

Besides the "Aquaman" sequel, Wan's upcoming project also includes the horror thriller "Malignant," which is slated to release on Sept. 10. "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" is set to hit the theaters on Dec. 16, 2022.

Momoa will be seen next in the sci-fi adventure movie "Dune," which is scheduled to release on Oct. 1. The movie will also star Timothée Chalamet, Dave Bautista, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson.

Heard will also feature in "Run Away with Me," which is helmed by Fred Grivois.

Aquaman box office
"Aquaman" has earned $1.02 billion. Warner Bros. Entertainment