“Dirt 5” was revealed this May, featuring next-gen graphics as well as a superb soundtrack. Developer Codemasters has reported further details in the off-road racer’s career mode, such as how things will work, and the 130 possible events through nine race types.

The career mode is split into five different chapters, each with its own selection of locations and race types. The choice of how to proceed through the chapters is left to the player. Each of these chapters features a collection of stamps that need to be won, with the end result being an entry into the main event that serves as the “boss level,” PC Games N reported.

Similar to other racing games, placing higher in the events rewards more stamps. Completing side objectives also unlocks head-to-head races called “throwdowns.” These are events where players will face off against a single, challenging AI-controlled racer.

There are more delights to be unlocked in the career mode of “Dirt 5.” According to Gamespot, Troy Baker and Nolan North will provide the voice acting behind two career racers who are also rivals in the game’s career mode. Baker provided the voice for Joel in “The Last of Us,” while North played Nathan Drake in the “Uncharted” series.

The two will face off in the game as Alex Janicel (Baker), the mentor to the player, and Bruno Durand (North), Janicel’s rival. They are important to the story, as their rivalry sets the foundation on which the player starts their goal to build a lasting legacy in the game’s fictional world.

Aside from Baker and North, James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes also lend their voices as analysts for the in-game DiRT Podcast. The career mode will also feature contracts with famous companies in true racing simulation fashion. World-renowned brands like Monster Energy, Michelin and even the developers themselves will lend their brands as decals for the player’s vehicle in exchange for completed tasks and missions.

“Dirt 5” arrives to PC via Steam this October.

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