Las Vegas -- The Walt Disney Company was all about touting the live-action reboots of its classic animated films during its CinemaCon slate representation in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Audience members were treated to sneak previews of “Aladdin,” “The Lion King” and “Dumbo” ahead of each film’s separate 2019 release.

The studio’s Head of Distribution, Cathleen Taff, was on hand to deliver the film previews, first teasing that Guy Ritchie’s directed “Aladdin,” coming in May 2019, will include “something for everyone.” After discussing the film’s “jaw-dropping visuals” and “wonderful” cast, she touched on Will Smith’s portrayal of The Genie, a role made famous by the late Robin Williams.

“No one can replicate the iconic performance of Robin Williams,” Taff acknowledged while gushing about Smith’s portrayal, calling it “A little Fresh Prince, a little Hitch and a whole lot of attitude.”

“I love coming to work every day,” Smith said during a pre-recorded brief sneak peek of the film. “Disney knows how to do it.”

A preview of Tim Burton’s “Dumbo,” coming in March, was also included in the presentation, revealing the story will begin where the 1941 animated film left off: with a flying elephant. The clips included shots of Danny DeVito’s role as a ringleader in a circus made famous by the young soaring pachyderm.

Taff ended the presentation by playing an early development piece for “The Lion King,” coming in July 2019. The footage, directed by Jon Favreau, included a similar opening to that of the 1994 animated film with baby Simba being lifted up by Rafiki on Pride Rock in a scene soundtracked to “The Circle of Life.”