An over-excited Disneyland guest forced the closure of the theme park on Sunday afternoon.

According to a report, a visitor at the Tarzan's Treehouse attraction began jumping up and down on a suspension bridge. While the guest was reportedly trying to show his children that the bridge was safe, he ended up breaking one of the wooden slats making up the bridge.

This resulted in visitors being evacuated and the attraction closing down while the issue was dealt with. The noise of the snapping wood could reportedly be heard throughout the area. Cast members were called to the scene and guests were kept away from the entrance to the attraction.

The Treehouse was reopened Monday after the bridge was repaired and deemed safe for guests. The bridge was three stories above ground. No guests were reported injured.

A search has been conducted to find the guest responsible.

A tweet from Disneyland News Today shows the broken portion of the bridge.

Tarzan’s Treehouse is a recreation of the location from the 1999 animated film, “Tarzan.” Originally opened in 1962 at Disney’s Southern California-based park, the attraction was originally based on the 1960 film, “Swiss Family Robinson."