A disturbing CCTV footage released Tuesday by an animal shelter shows three kittens being tossed from a car outside the facility in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

Directors of AWSOM animal shelter said the incident took place Sunday just 30 minutes before the shelter opened for the day. They are now hoping to find the culprits.

The video posted on its Facebook page shows someone throwing three kittens from the passenger side door of a dark-colored SUV.

"One of our volunteers was coming up and saw three kittens just on the end of the driveway and every now and then we do get people who dump things, and we are like, 'Oh no, not again.' We do have security cameras and we always pull up to see what might have happened and we saw that horrific, just very sad video,” said board president Sandra Fellin, Fox2 reported.

"Not only did they not go out and nicely place these cats, they literally take these cats, open the door, kick the first two out into the grass, take the third one and throw it alongside and take off. It just breaks your heart and it's not the way to treat animals," Fellin added.

The female kittens, around six months old, are in the shelter now.

The staffs are not only “sickened, heartbroken and appalled at the blatant coldness in the actions of the people that tossed these sweet cats out of that car, disposing of them so easily” but also finding it difficult to take over them because the shelter is at capacity.

Fellin said the cats were of good health hence it did not make sense to treat them in this manner. "They were obviously home pets. They are not sick. They don't have fleas. They seem well fed and are socialized. So if you were or had these animals and loved them that long, how can you possibly kick them out and throw them out literally across the yard? It's just so disturbing," she said.

The incident was reported to police. Anyone with information about the person or car was requested to inform the animal shelter or police.

In a similar incident Saturday, a family witnessed a woman throwing a cat out of her moving car onto the busy roadway in Ellington Parkway North, Pennsylvania. Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control (MACC) is investigating the incident.

"Her hands were off the wheel with two hands out the window and dropped the cat. From the impact, the cat was not moving. I saw the hair go everywhere and the cat was not moving at all," Stephanie Ralph, who witnessed the crime said, ABC-affiliated television station WKRN reported.

"Throwing an animal from a moving car is not only inhumane it's criminal. There is really no good excuse to throw an animal from a moving vehicle that's beyond trying to get rid of the animal. You are being cruel and inhumane,” said J.D. White with MACC.