A woman from Boynton Beach, Florida, faces multiple charges after she was spotted swerving while behind the wheel with her 3-year-old child unrestrained in the backseat. A disturbing dash-cam video of the woman’s sobriety test revealed her to be incoherent, and she was later discovered to have a blood-alcohol level of .200.

Brandy Lerma, 31, was seen careening on the road August 12 by Juan Martinez, a tow truck driver who followed her and alerted the authorities, CBS-affiliate WPEC reported last week. Martinez said that Lerma’s gold Chevrolet Malibu nearly hit four cars while he was tailing her vehicle.

“I was afraid she was going to kill someone,” Martinez said in a statement to detectives with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Upon being pulled over by police, Lerma said she took Percocet and Xanax and drank two fireballs before getting behind the wheel. A police report noted that there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from her vehicle, and Lerma had difficulty locating her driver’s license that was plainly visible to the arresting officer.

Lerma's two breathalyzer tests revealed her blood-alcohol level to be .200 and .187, respectively. As WPEC noted, the state’s legal limit is .08. During her sobriety test, Lerma could be heard struggling to articulate that she had “a couple of fireballs” and could be seen stumbling and unable to stand.

In a video from within the police cruiser, Lerma was seen rolling around in the back while in handcuffs. At one point, Lerma threatened police and said that she would “kill” the officer driving the vehicle.

“Who’s picking up my child?” she screamed from the back of the police car. “Who is picking up my child?”

Lerma was charged with child endangerment and driving under the influence. She is out on $3000 bond, and Lerma’s next court date will be in September.