“I’m the One” singer DJ Khaled recently shared some exciting details about his collaboration with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller for the song, “Wild Thoughts.”

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly’s “The Show,” the music mogul announced that the song and the music video for “Wild Thoughts” will be released on Friday, June 16. “This Friday, we’re going to give you the video and the song for ‘Wild Thoughts’featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. And it’s going to be humongous. It’s going to be incredible. I want everybody to know this: Be ready – because it’s gonna be one of those,” he teased.

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Talking about his collaboration with the “Umbrella” singer, Khaled revealed that he’s been trying to team up with her for the past seven or eight years. “I always put the kites out there that I wanted to work with her. But at the same time, while I was putting the kites out there, I was always getting the right record ready. You’ve got to start with the right energy to see if something comes back that’s possible,” he said.

As of late, Khaled has already released three tracks out of the 23 songs in his 10th album, “Grateful.” His collaboration with Beyoncé and Jay Z, “Shining,” was one of the first songs to be released off of “Grateful.” It was followed by his collaboration with Justin Bieber, Quave, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne, titled “I’m The One.” Also out is “To the Max,” featuring Drake.

Other than these artists, Khaled also worked with several others for “Grateful.” The singer said that everyone whom he collaborated with was great. When asked who inspired him to come up with such an ambitious album, he said that his 8-month-old son, Asahd, did so. In fact, Asahd’s name is written as one of the executive producers of “Grateful.”

“He’s the reason all of this magic is happening. He had a chance to be in the studio with some of the artists, and some of them he FaceTimed with. When I would do records, they’d all say, ‘This is for Ashad.’ I didn’t tell them to say that. That’s the energy my son is bringing,” he gushed.