A doctor was charged with murder Thursday after she pulled out a young mother’s uterus instead of the baby’s placenta during delivery due to which the woman "died of shock". The event took place in the Russian town of Nizhneserginskaya.

A 22-year-old died in excruciating pain due to negligence from the doctor. The doctor faces up to three years of imprisonment over the death of the mother after she went into a coma and died due to a cardiac arrest. The doctor’s identity was not revealed.

The victim, identified as Alisa Tepikina, had an inverted uterus as the doctor tried to pull the placenta from the uterus. An inverted uterus is a rare medical emergency where the organs turn inside out and protrude into the vagina or beyond the vaginal canal. It occurs when the umbilical cord is pulled to deliver the placenta.

The doctor was charged with causing death by negligence after the conclusion of a six-month-long investigation. The investigative committee was told by the head of the hospital, Elena Barannikova, that the medic present at the spot had not performed any form of "violent actions" during the incident.

Her remarks were rejected by the committee as they stated, “Non-controlled or improper pulling of the umbilical cord led to a full inversion of the uterus.” They added that after “exhaustive analysis they found that Alisa’s placenta was supposed to be detached manually by the doctor under anesthetic."

The committee said, “The female organs were pulled out, then pushed back when it was too late. The doctor on duty did not recognize the life-threatening complication of the birth. The uterus was repositioned only 4 hours 15 minutes later when the massive bleeding and the irreversible shock had already developed along with heart failure.”

Finally, the team of experts concluded that the doctor’s mistakes “worsened the situation and caused a massive loss of blood, irreversible complicated shock, heart failure and death of the patient.”

The doctor who attended to the woman had already faced disciplinary actions for the same as per local reports and was awaiting trials. The baby is being raised by the parents of the victim.

This is a representational picture of a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham in Birmingham, England, June 14, 2006. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images