An infant died of multiple organ failure after her doctor chose to treat her with acupressure therapy instead of medicines. The incident took place in China on Saturday.

According to local reports, the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital after her mother noticed that she was coughing non-stop. The doctor examined the four-month-old’s throat and lungs and informed her mother that there was no need for medication as the girl was too young. The infant was instead administered massage therapy for 20 minutes at the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) department.

While the mother was taking the baby home following the therapy, she noticed pink bubble-like formations in the infant’s nostrils. The infant soon lost consciousness following which the mother rushed her back to the hospital. Despite best efforts, the doctors were not able to save the girl and she was pronounced dead. The death certificate stated that the infant died of multiple organ failure.

Meanwhile, responding to the infant’s death, the massage center said the staff there were qualified and that the baby was in “good condition” when she left the place following the therapy. The center added that they would actively cooperate in the death investigation.

baby feet
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