Google is celebrating the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” with a Google Maps Easter egg that lets users explore the TARDIS. The blue police box appears at Earl’s Court Road in London.

There has been no official announcement about the inclusion of the Doctor’s Time and Relative Dimension in Space, better known as the TARDIS, on Google Maps by Google, but fans are delighted by the latest Google Streetview Easter egg. As Jalopnik points out, following this link will lead users to a Police Telephone Box located at Earl’s Court Road. Instead of clicking on the single white arrow, leading away from the TARDIS, there is a second set of double arrows that lets users inside the TARDIS.

For “Doctor Who” fans, Google has faithfully recreated the console room of the TARDIS. Touring the TARDIS, users can get a detailed look at the various buttons, knobs and levers of the control panel. WhatCulture hopes Google adds a look at the other rooms of the TARDIS, including parts of the time machine that were recently shown in “Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS.”

The 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” is currently being celebrated across the world with fans expressing their love for the 11 Doctors, the companions and villains that have made the show a success. Heathrow Airport has a special interactive “Doctor Who” experience that lets fans get up close with a Dalek or a Cyberman, and there are displays throughout the airport detailing the show’s history. Fans from the Snugburys Ice Cream Farm, located in Hurleston, Cheshire, England, created a 35-foot-tall Dalek made from six tons of straw, reports the Daily Mail.

Matt Smith’s announced departure triggered so much debate and speculation on who will be the 12th Doctor that BBC created a live special revealing the new Doctor. In the special, Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor, and he will make his first appearance as the Doctor, replacing Smith, during the 50th Anniversary episode that premieres on Nov. 23. The special episode will include appearances by David Tennant and Billie Piper. BBC recently announced a “Doctor Who 50th Celebration” during the weekend of Nov. 22 that will feature special guests and panels at London’s ExCeL.