Jenna Louise Coleman
Actress Jenna Coleman's future as The Doctor's companion will be revealed during the "Doctor Who" Christmas special. Reuters

Fans of The Doctor’s latest companion on “Doctor Who” have been wondering whether Jenna Coleman will reprise her role as Clara Oswald for Season 9 of the iconic British series. Now a spokesperson for the show has revealed that Clara’s fate will be determined for sure during this year’s Christmas Special.

The actress has been in a state of limbo for quite some time when it comes to her return to the series, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Recently, showrunner Steven Moffat confirmed Peter Capaldi, the actor who took on the title role after Matt Smith’s exit last year, has officially signed on to play the character through Season 10. However, Coleman’s involvemnt is still up in the air.

One rumor has had “Veep” director Chris Addison, who fans will remember as Seb from the Season 8 two-part finale, replacing Coleman as The Doctor’s companion after the 28-year-old actress’ exit.

Previously, it was all but a forgone conclusion that Coleman would make her exit after the 2014 Christmas special, hence the Addison rumor. However, the actress may have decided to stay on for a limited run in Season 9, the Mirror said.

“This is speculation, so we won’t be commenting,” a BBC representative told RadioTimes before ominously adding, “Viewers will have to watch the Christmas episode to find out!”

It appears Moffat and the BBC are hoping to keep Coleman’s involvement in the show close to the vest until the very last minute. This isn’t a shock as the actress herself recently told RadioTimes she’d prefer her contract negotiations be kept a secret so that the show’s creators can still pull off a surprise.

The “Doctor Who” Christmas special, “Last Christmas,” will be shown Dec. 25.