Does Garcinia Cambogia really work? In late January, Dr. Mehmet Oz let his viewers in on a little secret during the “Doctor Oz Show,” and months later people are still talking about the exotic fruit extract on Twitter and many are wondering: “is Garcinia Cambogia the real deal or is it just another scam?” Dr. Oz referred to it as the weight loss “holy grail” since neither diet nor exercise is required, but specialists have since revealed that this too-good-to-be-true extract might be just simply that: too good to be true.

Inconclusive scientific studies have found the fruit extract, which derives from Asia and Africa and is also known as Gambooge, is not exactly as good as Dr. Oz makes it out to be. And though overweight male rats used in a 2005 study of the substance did lose weight, toxicity and testicular atrophy was also revealed, Live Science wrote.

WedMD said that although research says the exotic fruit supplement “might prevent fat storage and control appetite” the effects in humans remain “unclear" and Bangor Daily News added that even though people in a 12-week study lost weight, they did not a significant decrease in their body fat percentage. “Instead of spending money on the latest and greatest diet pill, take your dollars and invest them in a good pair of walking shoes – and start moving,” Georgia Clark-Albert wrote in an article titled “Want weight loss? All you’ll lose with garcinia cambogia is money from your pocket” for BDN.

Experts and specialists in healthy living have not given the 100 percent “OK” to go ahead with Garcinia Cambogia, which only means one thing: The truth is that the key to a vigorous life is consistent healthy eating and a regular diet regime. It’s pretty much the only way to get in shape, despite what Dr. Oz might want his viewers to believe and as persuasive as words like “holy grail" and "revolutionary fat buster” might be.

Some Twitter users who are taking the supplement are confused as to why it’s not working the way it was promised, while others are trying to figure out the truth behind the weight loss fad. Check out some of their tweets below: