After actress Stacey Dash, who’s publicly supported some of Nick Cannon’s political beliefs in the past, filed paperwork on Monday to run for Congress in California’s 44th District, International Business Times asked Cannon if he had any political aspirations himself.

“Hell no,” he told IBT.

Despite currently attending Howard University to get his Master’s in both Administration of Justice and Legal Communications, Cannon expressed he has no desire to join the world of politics, viewing it as “a game” and “so not real life.”

He continued: “Politics, if you look at the definition of politics, it’s so hypocritical and really to be political is something that just rubs me the wrong way,” he said.

If a political position isn’t the end-goal after his schooling, what is?

“I want to be a college professor,” he said.

Aside from all he has going on in the realm of entertainment currently, from movies to music to TV, the “Wild ’n Out” creator and host is immediately focused on studying for his upcoming midterms, as well as looking to the future of his education. He hopes to complete his double major by the end of 2019 before going on to get his doctorate and eventually teaching his own courses.

Though he’s not sure exactly how long it’ll take until he’s able to start as a professor, Cannon is sure that he wants to stay concentrated on his education and the betterment of others, instead of getting into politics.

“I [so would] rather focus on being the best human being, the best philanthropist,” he said. “Truly taking my money and lobbying for the greater good of humanity, opposed to like wanting money from others and lobbying, creating these fictitious, controllable laws that disempower people. I don’t want to be a part of any of that.”

Cannon believes there are so many better ways to help others than by being a part of that world. He plans on continuing to be “an activist for the less fortunate” and an engaging part of the community.

“That will be a goal for the rest of my life,” he said.