Prince Harry, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles
Prince Harry made a shocking joke about Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Prince Charles that gave her aide the “shock of his life.” Pictured: Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles, Princess Eugenie, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Prince Harry look on from the balcony during during Trooping the Colour - Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Parade, at The Royal Horseguards on June 14, 2014 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Some netizens do not seem to be convinced that Prince Charles is really Prince Harry’s biological father.

One netizen asked on Quora why Prince Harry doesn’t look like Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Prince William and wondered who Prince Harry’s biological father is.

There are rumors claiming that Prince Harry is Princess Diana’s son with James Hewitt. Although some believed in the said rumors, many are convinced that Prince Harry is Prince Charles’ son. In fact, the majority who commented on the forum said that Prince Harry is a Mountbatten or Windsor.

“Harry is definitely a Mountbatten / Windsor - All you have to do is look carefully at Harry’s nasion, the midline bony depression between eyes where the frontal and two nasal bones meet. His is identical to both his father, Charles and his grandfather Phillip,” Angela Grier wrote.

She added that Prince Harry clearly takes after his father and grandfather's look far more compared to his older brother Prince William because the Duke of Cambridge looks like their mom, Princess Diana.

Adeen Mckenzie-Kennedy also believed that there is no truth to the speculations that Prince Harry is not Prince Charles’ son. He also agrees that he looks more like a Windsor compared to Prince William.

“Prince Harry looks more like his father, Prince Charles and his grandfather Prince Philip than his older brother, Prince William does. Prince Harry has the same close set eyes, similar nose bridge and hairline to his father, Prince Charles,” Mckenzie-Kennedy wrote.

“Prince Harry gets his red hair from his mother, Diana’s family, the Spencers. To me, Prince William looks nothing like his father or grandfather. Prince William looks like his mother, Princess Diana and somewhat resembles her brother, the ninth Earl Spencer.”

Debsy Opperman, a mom, and a music and book lover is also convinced that Prince Harry is Prince Charles’ son. According to her, Prince Philip and Prince Harry share the same lips.

There are also a number of photos that show how Prince Harry look like Prince Philip and Prince Charles. Evening Standard shared a snap of the Duke of Sussex and Duke of Edinburgh wearing the same uniform with a beard and many agree that they have an “uncanny resemblance.”