Sarah Ferguson is doing well years after her divorce from Prince Andrew.

Princess Eugenie's mom has remained in the spotlight even if she's no longer a member of the royal family. The Duchess of York has forged a successful career as a writer, presenter and businesswoman, according to Isabella Sullivan, Express' digital lifestyle reporter.

The mother of the next royal bride runs multiple businesses and spends her time attending charity events and other social engagements. In 2015, she set up children's entertainment company Strawbugs Ltd.

Ferguson is also on the board of La Luna Investments, a business support service. She's also reportedly the director of flavored tea brand, Ginger & Moss. In addition, in 2017, she was appointed executive director of media and entertainment company Gate Ventures.

The publication noted that Ferguson worked at a public relations firm in London, an art gallery and a publishing company before she met and married Prince Andrew in 1986. The Duchess of York's net worth is approximately $1 million 22 years after her split from the Duke of York.

Just like her mom, Princess Eugenie works at a gallery. The next royal bride holds a director position at Hauser & Wirth, a contemporary art gallery in Mayfair, London.

"What might people be surprised to learn? That I have a full-time job," Princess Eugenie told The Telegraph in an interview in 2016. "I've loved art since I was very little. I knew I definitely wouldn't be a painter, but I knew this was the industry for me."

Princess Eugenie worked full-time and described her employers as very considerate and understanding. "In the evenings, I often have engagements related to my family or a charity I support. Hauser & Wirth is very accommodating and understanding of my sense of duty," she added.

In related news, Ferguson and Prince Andrew remain friends following their divorce. In fact, they still share a home at the Royal Lodge, Windsor.

"Sarah Ferguson still rules the roost at the Duke's home — even though they're divorced," the insider said.

Some royal fans are hoping that the Duke and Duchess of York will remarry. "Aaaww Beautiful family!! I hope your parents remarry!!" one fan commented in a 90s throwback family photo that Princess Eugenie shared on Instagram.