Tristan Bush, 33, who awaits sentencing stands convicted of four felony charges including letting his dog attack an on-duty officer in the Hall County Sheriff's Office.

Hall County District Court records proclaimed, Bush was charged with fleeing by using a deadly force, using a deadly weapon intending to commit felony, intentional child abuse, operating a motor vehicle to hoodwink officers, attempting third-degree assault on an officer and getting in the way of a peace officer.

Bush pleaded no contest to all four of the charges but he was later relieved of two charges including, using a deadly weapon to commit a felony and getting into the way of a peace officer. He is slated to be sentenced on Nov. 1.

Bush was seized in Pasadena, Texas on April 19 for running away from the Hall County Sheriff’s Office during a traffic stop on April 12. He was booked under the above-mentioned charges, NTV abc reported.

Bush took to his heels after a deputy was bitten by his pit bull. He then dragged him by his car in an attempt to resist arrest.

It was around 10:30 p.m on April 12 when Bush was stopped by a deputy for speeding in the area of 110th and Old Potash Highway west of Grand Island, Sheriff Rick Conrad said.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit filed in Hall County, the deputy recognized the passenger as Bush, who had several warrants issued against him already. The documents further asserted that Bush had threatened to hurl his pit bull at the officer if he attempted to arrest him.

The warrant further states that Bush hurriedly took over the driver’s seat when the driver got out of the car and fled the scene during the dog attack. Court records say that the deputy, who was unable to release himself from its bite, shot the dog dead.

Prosecutors said Bush had several warrants issued against him in the passage of last six years but have been barely tried in any. He was accused of weapon offenses, burglary, domestic assault, criminal mischief, and marijuana possession et al.

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