• Jedd Wiegold, 32, will serve five months in jail for unlicensed dog breeding and a number of mutilation offenses
  • He arranged for dogs to have their ears cropped and sold the animals for up to $13,600 between 2019 and 2020
  • Wiegold was previously sentenced to a decade in prison for his involvement in a cocaine conspiracy

A 32-year-old unlicensed dog breeder in Wales was jailed last week after he sold puppies that had their ears cropped, officials said.

Jedd Wiegold, of Keble Court in Caerphilly, bred and sold American Bully puppies in Trethomas between March 24, 2019, and March 23, 2020, the South Wales Argus reported.

Wiegold, who was prosecuted for animal welfare offenses following an investigation by Caerphilly trading standards, had "in excess of three breeding bitches and litters" for his operation, according to a Caerphilly council spokesperson.

He advertised the sale of his puppies as well as the breeding of his dogs on social media platforms.

Wiegold then arranged and/or caused the mutilation of the animals by cropping their ears, evidence obtained from his mobile phone showed.

The mutilation, which was carried out by an "unknown third party," helped Wiegold earn extra money, a report by WalesOnline said.

Cutting off the flaps of a dog's ear can "create a tougher look," and demand for dogs with cropped ears has risen so much that they could cost around £15,000 ($20,400), according to the outlet.

However, ear cropping is illegal in England and Wales under the U.K.'s Animal Welfare Act of 2006.

"Despite what some breeders will claim, cropping a dog's ears does not benefit them in any way. It can be detrimental to their health, behavior and welfare in the short-term and in the long-term," Dr. Samantha Gaines, a dog welfare expert with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was quoted as saying.

While the full extent of Wiegold's earnings were unknown, the puppies he advertised were reportedly priced from £4,000 ($5,440) up to £10,000 ($13,600).

Wiegold received a custodial sentence at Newport Magistrates Court on Jan. 11 for unlicensed dog breeding and a number of mutilation offenses.

He was sentenced to five months for each of five separate offenses, all of which were to be served concurrently.

Additionally, Wiegold has been disqualified from owning, keeping and transporting dogs for 10 years, with a restriction of seven years imposed on applying to have the ban lifted.

"Demand for fashionable breeds of puppies is always high, so it can be a very lucrative business. We are pleased with the outcome of the sentencing and we hope that it will serve as a warning to other criminals who are looking to take advantage of animals for financial profit," said Councilor Nigel George, a cabinet member for public protection.

The official also urged people with any information on potential unlicensed breeders to contact authorities.

Wiegold was previously sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison in December 2021 for his involvement in a £1 million ($1.36 million) cocaine conspiracy.

Representation. Ear cropping is illegal in England and Wales under the United Kingdom's Animal Welfare Act of 2006. Pixabay