• A missing dog has been reuntied with his family in Muskegon
  • The Upson family has been searching for Chuck for weeks 
  • The dog was rescued by Pound Buddies, an animal control company

A missing dog in Muskegon has been rescued and reunited with his family after almost a month.

The Muskegon family had been searching for their dog, Chunk, and were happy to welcome him back after he was rescued by Pound Buddies, an animal control company.

The Muskegon family has cared for Chunk ever since birth. He is three and a half years old.

According to Robert and Coty Upson, the reason why the family gave Chunk his name was his appearance.

Upson claimed that when the dog was a puppy, he was chubby with a lot of rolls everywhere.

Approximately a month ago, the family was notified by their housekeeper about Chunk's strange behavior when she came to clean.

Allegedly, the dog ran out of the house as soon as the front door opened.

Coty Upson insisted it was not normal behavior for their dog. The family went on to search the woods for Chunk after a community member told the family the dog had gone into the woods.

Coty said they first used the dog's footprints to get a lead on where he could have gone.

She said they went in and out of the water following the footprints and saw that Chunk's paw was bleeding.

In their search for Chunk, the Muskegon family made laminated flyers and distributed them around the city.

The family would also drive around and carry Chunk's bed, attempting to give the dog the scent so it would be attracted and come running.

Allyssa Walker, an animal control specialist, working for Pound Buddies, was answering a rescue call for a dog stuck under a trailer in the neighborhood about twenty-nine days after Chunk ran off.

Walker said once the dog had been rescued and was safely in the car, the boss called and said the rescue might be Chunk.

Walker compared the flyer images and recognized it was Chunk and immediately contacted the Upson family.

She was very happy to be able to reunite the family with their dog after giving the animal needed medical checks. However, Chunk spent the night at home.

Unfortunately, Chuck had injuries on its paw, a frostbitten tail, and had lost weight.

The Upson family said they would take the dog to the vet on Monday.

Coty Upson mentioned the family would never be the same if they had lost Chunk forever. She is forever grateful to Pound Buddies.

Puppy Pixabay