A pack of dogs ate a newborn baby alive after his parents abandoned him in a wasteland in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Hours after the newborn was delivered on Oct. 8, the baby’s unidentified 28-year-old father took the mother to the wasteland on his bike where the couple shoved the boy in a plastic bag and abandoned him. The couple then fled their home and remained in an internet café for a month to hide from their family members until they were tracked by the police Friday.

Local reports stated that the newborn’s 19-year-old mother had mental health issues and was under the care of the Social Affairs Bureau when the incident took place. The workers at the bureau alerted the police about the missing woman following which she was traced down.

When questioned about her flat tummy, the woman told the police that she “threw away the baby on the same day he was born.”

Following the confession, police arrived at the wasteland and found the boy’s bones hidden among tall weeds. Police told local media that the newborn “was eaten alive by wild dogs.” Local reports said the couple’s "economic situation was not good" when the woman gave birth to the boy. There was, however, no information about the charges the couple was facing.

baby feet
Representational image of baby's feet. A father stabbed his two children in Ilford, London, before stabbing himself. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images