Dominos Pizza is planning to expand its fast food chain in a huge way by building a pizza restaurant on the moon.

Dominos the world leader in fastest pizza delivery announced that it has been planning a pizza moon base for a year.

The Japanese arm of Dominos estimates the entire project to open a lunar branch will cost around 1.67 trillion yen ($21 billion), a price which covers construction as well as transportation of materials to the moon's surface.

The company will also require 15 rockets to transport 70 tons of construction materials and pizza-making equipment to the moon, The Daily Telegraph reported.

We started thinking about this project last year, although we have not yet determined when the restaurant might open, spokesman Tomohide Matsunaga told The Telegraph.

In the future, we anticipate there will be many people living on the moon, astronauts who are working there and, in the future, citizens of the moon.

Hoping to maximize on local resources, and minimize expenditures, Domino's said it will keep costs down by using mineral deposits on the moon to make the concrete, which is likely to cost 194 billion yen, or roughly $2.52 billion.

A firm date for deployment of the Moon Branch of Domino's is still undetermined.

An artist's initial sketches of the restaurant shows a two-story dome with a diameter of around 26 meters, a basement level constructed of steel plating and an area to prepare pizzas. Staff would be required to live on the premises.

The images show delivery people on special moon-scooter, as well as a green house for growing ingredients and special pizza-forklifts for bulk deliveries. The company has already set-up a Web site for the project.

However, the company offered no words on whether its 30 minutes or it's free promise would apply on moon or not.

Dominos is not the first company that will deliver pizzas in space. In 2001, rival Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to astronauts in the International Space Station.