• Donald Trump assured Stormi Daniels not to worry about Melanai during affair
  • Melania Trump said she's the most bullied person
  • Melania Trump mocked for saying she's the most bullied person

Donald Trump allegedly assured Stormy Daniels not to worry about Melania Trump during their affair.

The president was involved in a drama in 2016 with Daniels who claimed that they had a sexual relationship back in 2006. At the time, Daniels spoke about their affair while the POTUS was already married to Melania.

Daniels wasn’t shy to speak about her relationship with Trump and even claimed that the POTUS had one of her DVDs on him and that he didn’t seem to care if anyone discovered their affair.

“He didn’t seem worried about it. He was kind of arrogant. It did occur to me, ‘That’s a really stupid move on your part.’ And it’s not like I went around and told anybody. No one ever really knew,” Daniels said.

“I mentioned her [Melania]. I was like, ‘Yeah, what about your wife?’ He goes, ‘Oh, don’t worry about her.’ Quickly, quickly changed the subject.”

Melania was asked about her husband’s alleged affairs and if they put a strain on their marriage in an interview with CNN in 2018. The first lady got candid about the issue and said that she didn’t focus on the rumors because she is a “mother and first lady.” Melania stressed that there were more important things that she had to think about and do. She added that she was aware of how the media would speculate a lot about their marriage

In the same interview, she was asked if she loves her husband. The FLOTUS gave a positive response and said that they are fine. Melania also insisted that the gossip about their marriage is not always correct.

In related news, Melania said that she is the most bullied person in the world. In fact, she started the Be Best initiative due to the personal attacks she received from her critics. However, not everyone was convinced about her claims and even some strongly disagreed with her.

One said that Melania was not the most bullied person because she is “well-kept, pampered and spoiled.” Others mocked and blamed the FLOTUS for her predicament, with one writing, “We reap what we sow.”