• Melania Trump addresses Donald Trump's alleged infidelity
  • Melania Trump admits she loves her husband
  • Melania Trump and Donald Trump's relationship and marriage

Melania Trump addressed President Donald Trump’s affair and spoke about her true feelings for him.

The president and first lady of the United States will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this month. In an interview with CNN in 2018, Melania got candid about her relationship and marriage with the POTUS.

Melania was asked if Donald’s alleged infidelities put a strain on their marriage. According to the FLOTUS, she did not focus on those rumors because she’s a “mother and a first lady,” so there were more important things that she had to think about and do. Melania also confessed that she was aware of how the media liked to speculate about their marriage.

When asked, “Do you love your husband?” Melania immediately said, “Yes, we are fine. Yes.” She insisted that the gossip about their marriage is not always correct.

Commenting on Melania’s interview, Kate Bennett said that it was the first time the FLOTUS spoke about the issue on camera because she remained very quiet amid the various speculations about her husband cheating on her. Bennett understood how the rumors started because Melania canceled a trip to Switzerland with Donald on their wedding anniversary.

She also had a separate motorcade at the state of the union which was a huge break from tradition. Bennett found Melania’s answer “interesting” because the FLOTUS remained unemotional and she didn’t lose her cool while maintaining her privacy.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Melania shared some details about her relationship with Donald. The first lady said that it’s fine with her that her husband is a monoglot because she is not the kind of wife who tells her husband “learn this or learn that.”

“I’m not a nagging wife,” Melania said.

Melania added that she wants to lead her life and she allows her husband to do so. In fact, she doesn’t want to change the POTUS.

The FLOTUS has nothing but praises when it comes to Donald’s leadership skills. In fact, even before he became the U.S. president, Melania said that he is a great leader and an amazing negotiator. She was confident that Donald has what it takes to be an amazing president.