• Donald Trump's alleged biggest fear has just been exposed
  • Donald Trump is not most worried about the recession and the possible coronavirus deaths 
  • The POTUS is worried that he will be exposed for the fraud that he is 

Donald Trump is going through a lot at the moment. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the POTUS is also facing a slew of criticisms because the economy suddenly went into a recession.

But Garry Kasparov, the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation, said that these two issues aren’t what scares the president the most. Rather, Melania Trump’s biggest fear has to do with his worry that he will one day be exposed as the fraud that he really is.

“I've seen weakness and fear in many eyes in my day, and Trump looks confused and afraid. All he needed to do was act stable and confident for a few minutes and he failed. Let's hope some around him have the courage to step up,” Kasparov tweeted.

“Trump is afraid not because Americans will die, or because the economy is tanking, but because he's accountable at last, exposed as the fraud he's been his entire life,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Political Flare journalist Jason Miciak echoed Kasparov’s statement by calling the POTUS inept, uneducated. The journalist also claimed that Trump is naked while sitting atop a throne of power and he has been exposed as someone who is unfit for the job.

Miciak also has doubts that Trump will get reelected in November. After all, so many events relating to the elections have been canceled. The journalist couldn’t help but wonder if Trump will also cancel himself as part of the collateral damage.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters fired at those who continue to slam the president amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“These attacks on @ realDonaldTrump during this #coronavirus crises are as UnAmerican and unpatriotic as it gets. Shame on all of you,” Twitter user @Dootster said.

“He has already done what needs to be done! A lot sooner than you would have! Comparing responses @HillaryClinton Benghazi, none! @realDonaldTrump coronavirus, ahead of the epidemic! @realDonaldTrump wins! Always!” Twitter user @kimhopp32693670 said.