Former US President Donald Trump is facing a barrage of criminal, civil and congressional investigations


  • Donald Trump hosted a Halloween party at Mar-A-Lago on Sunday evening
  • The ex-POTUS did not wear a costume and arrived as himself, sporting a black suit
  • Trump deejayed from his dinner table with his iPad and got everyone dancing

Donald Trump played several songs as the DJ at his Halloween party.

​Trump hosted a Halloween party at Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday. At the event, the former U.S. president deejayed some of his favorite songs.

"The former president played DJ from his dinner table with his iPad," a source told Page Six of the "wild" celebration.

The source added that Trump "was playing mostly '80s music that got everyone dancing." He also reportedly played "Phantom of the Opera" loudly, with some elderly guests grousing in private.

Sources told the outlet that Trump dressed as himself for the party — a black suit with a red necktie. He was reportedly in top form when he greeted the guests, who encouraged him to announce that he would be running again for president. However, the ex-POTUS did not give a direct answer.

Trump's wife, Melania, was noticeably missing from the event. According to the guests, the best costume "was a man dressed as an 'old Joe Biden' with a walker."

"That got a hearty laugh," the insider said.

A video of Trump and his guests dancing at Mar-A-Lago circulated online. Some of the grooving guests were dressed as the Pope, "American Psycho" character Patrick Bateman and a sexy nurse.

The video received mixed responses from the netizens. Some praised Trump's dance moves, while others hoped to see him making new grooves.

"He's still got it," one commented while sharing a clip of Trump dancing during a campaign period.

"For the love of everything holy, would someone please teach him a different dance move?!? The 'Steering Wheel' is so yesterday lol," another added.

"He has the stupidest one-dimensional dance move. It's worse than when I do the 'nerdy white guy sprinkler' at wedding receptions," a third person wrote.

​Meanwhile, some wondered why he didn't wear a costume and instead showed up to the party as himself.

"Did dude literally not wear a costume .. to his own Halloween party?" one asked.

"He doubled up on the depends. Is that not costume enough?" one replied.

"No need for a costume, he's already dressed like a clown every day," another opined.

"Narcissists always go as themselves," a fourth user suggested.

Some of the guests at Trump's Halloween party were Dustin Johnson and his fiancée model Paulina Gretzky. Johnson sported a white sweatband around his head and a polo, while Gretzky dressed up as a "Baywatch" lifeguard wearing a red swimsuit with a matching jacket, New York Post reported.

The couple was pictured with their friends Jeremy Cohen and Kristina Melnichenko.

Melnichenko shared a video from the event showing Trump and Gretzky chatting. "Best day of my life," she captioned the video.

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