• Donald Trump called an embarrassment for his behavior at the Super Bowl
  • Donald Trump allegedly disrespected the national anthem
  • Donald Trump made a blunder on Twitter after writing "State of Kansas" 

Donald Trump was called an “embarrassment” for his behavior at the Super Bowl party.

A clip of the president of the United States allegedly mocking the national anthem during a Super Bowl party has made rounds online. In the video, Trump raises his hand on the air and twirls them as if he is a conductor of an orchestra while his wife Melania Trump stands besides him with her hand over her chest.

Netizens immediately reacted to Trump’s behavior and called the leader of the country an “utter embarrassment.”

“Donald Trump is a total disgrace, an utter embarrassment, completely unfit to hold his office. In a nation of 325 million, how we ended up with this deranged idiotic ignorant maniacal narcissistic sociopathic criminally corrupt buffoon will haunt historians for generations,“ Charles Campisi wrote on Twitter.

The same clip was also shared on YouTube and online user have the same opinion.

“What an embarrassment,” Nata1014 commented.

“Not trying to be mean, but really, he looks like someone who has been drinking too much. Such an odd spectacle. Kinda embarrassing,” Mary M added.

“As Howard Stern once said about his ‘friend’ Donald Trump, ‘he needs to be liked!’ Notice how foolish he is acting in an effort to get attention, and have people be 'amused' by him. Donald Trump is a ‘narcissistic neanderthal!’ A complete and utter embarrassment,” another user with handle “conscious thought” wrote.

Despite the backlash, there are also users who believe that nothing was wrong with what Trump did. Kari Pelz said that the POTUS was just “overwhelmed with pride of the country” and its success that’s why he was swinging his arms with the music, but his critics made something else out of it.

Aside from Trump’s behavior at the Super Bowl, many also mocked the president after he made a blunder on Twitter. Trump congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs for winning the Super Bowl LIV. However, in his post on Twitter that has since been deleted, the POTUS wrote “Great States of Kansas” instead of “Great State of Missouri.” However, some were able to get a screenshot of the tweet to immortalize the POTUS’s mistake.

"What a [explicit] @realDonaldTrump is, seriously. What an embarrassment,” David Casasola wrote.

America's divisions will be on display at President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech
America's divisions will be on display at President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech AFP / Nicholas Kamm