Trevor Noah
Comedian Trevor Noah dug up an old interview with Donald Trump in the New York Times in which the Republican front-runner discussed his political ambitions. Comedy Central

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" that airs on Comedy Central announced in a press release Tuesday that they will honor the president with a Twitter library that is scheduled to open for public viewing in New York City in June.

The press release read: "The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, the first of its kind, showcasing our Commander in Chief’s preferred vessel for communicating with the public, his Twitter feed. This actual library will be located in New York City and will be free and open to the public."

All the previous presidents of the United States have been honored with their official libraries, which stored documents of "historical value crafted during his time as leader of the free world," according to the press release. However, most of them had to wait for their terms to end before they got official libraries. "The Daily Show" decided to honor the current president showcasing his preferred mode of communication, sooner than the others. The library will be open temporarily for now.

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Explaining certain details about the upcoming library the press release mentioned that "the exhibit will feature a fully interactive and hands-on experience for hands of all sizes, giving patrons the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to memorialize and celebrate the many "unpresidented" moments of President Trump’s Twitter history. More details to be announced later."

The word "unpresidented" was emphasized in reference to one of Trump's tweet last December where he misspelt the word "unprecedented." However, the tweet was later corrected with the proper spelling.

Trying to imitate the president's way of tweeting, the show organizers wrote in the press release about the library. "The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library will open in June, and it will be tremendous. It will be so tremendous that you’ll get tired of the tremendousness, so it will then close only a few days later. Sad!"

After the announcement was made, a Twitter account was also created for the library.

Another Twitter account was soon launched to criticize the move. "The Burned Your Tweet account" said it was "Giving Trump's tweets the attention they deserve" and posted videos of a robot that was seen setting fire to print outs of the president's tweets.