• Donald Trump sparks health concerns 
  • Donald Trump is showing signs of dementia
  • Donald Trump slurs and mispronounces certain words 

Donald Trump previously sparked health concerns when he showed a mix of his usual public blunders while making one brief statement.

Throughout the past couple of months, netizens have been noticing how the POTUS has been slurring and struggling with pronouncing certain words. He also appears to be jerking every now and then.

During one of his public speeches, the POTUS slurred and jerked at the same time. He also seemingly lost his train of thought, which is believed to be one of the early signs of dementia.

In the video uploaded by Travis Akers on Twitter, the POTUS wanted to greet his audience a beautiful Christmas. But when he mispronounced the word beautiful, he decided to change the subject.

“What happened here? President Trump begins to wish the Turning Point audience a beautiful ‘something’ (inaudible), but then has an odd jerking motion, is slurring his speech, and begins a whole new sentence,” he wrote.

Some of Trump’s critics shared their thoughts on what they think is wrong with Melania Trump’s husband. One of them suggested that Trump suffered a brief seizure that’s why he did a jerking motion in public.

“His brain simply caught up with his mouth and he remembered to make a thing out of Merry Christmas. That’s just him catching himself mid-stream-of-consciousness. Much as I would like it to be a TIA, I don’t think it was anything medical,” Twitter user @brian45tanner said.

“He has an increasingly severe neurological disorder. Dementia. Plus he’s an addict,” Twitter user physician @ChansonetteBuck said.

“Trump needs medical attention stat! Anyone? Family? Friends? Putin? Who will take Trump to Mayo for an assessment? He needs help,” Twitter user @Kathatestrump2 said.

The same Twitter user uploaded a list of dementia symptoms that includes uninhibited behavior, no filter, lack of empathy, lack of anger regulation, repetition of words and phrases, slurring words, stunted vocabulary, and more.

Experts have also noticed that the POTUS has been exhibiting some of these symptoms but he hasn’t been officially diagnosed with dementia.

Donald Trump
With the impeachment controversy behind him, US President Donald Trump will focus on trumpeting his economic record as he seeks reelection in November. A Florida man was arrested outside the White House on Saturday after saying he wanted to assassinate Trump. AFP / Nicholas Kamm