• Donald Trump reportedly made 33 false claims about coronavirus in the first two weeks of March
  • Donald Trump wrongfully blamed Barack Obama for the coronavirus testing problems they encountered
  • Donald Trump and his supporters slammed online after a Trumpster bought the entire stock of tissue paper and napkins from Dollar Tree

Donald Trump reportedly made multiple false claims about the coronavirus crisis.

Daniel Dale and Tara Subramaniam of CNN said that the President of the United States “made 33 false claims about the coronavirus in the first two weeks of March.” The publication released the report after Trump shared a clip of Jesse Watters debunking the fake news about Trump’s war with coronavirus.

The publication noted that Trump made 50 blunders from March 2 through March 8 and 21 more erroneous claims from March 9 through March 15. Out of Trump’s faulty statements, 33 were about coronavirus.

“Trump is now averaging about  57 false claims per week since we started counting at CNN on July 8, 2019. From that date through March 15, he has made 2,062 false claims in all,” CNN reported.

Among the things that the publication pointed out as Trump’s lies is the availability of coronavirus testing. The POTUS said that “anybody that wants a test can get a test.”

CNN stressed that coronavirus testing is not accessible to anyone who simply wants it. An authorization from a doctor is needed to get tested and there are many people who already have a doctor’s order but couldn’t still access it.

Another lie Trump reportedly made about the issue is when he said that he reversed former President Barack Obama’s decision that impeded the testing for coronavirus. The POTUS wrongfully blamed Obama for the coronavirus testing problems they encounted.

The publication noted that there was no regulation from the Obama administration related to lab testing. There was a draft but it was not implemented, so Peter Kyriacopoulos, chief policy officer at the Association of Public Health Laboratories, wasn’t sure what rule Trump was referring to.

“There wasn't a policy that was put into place that inhibited them. There was no Obama policy they were reversing,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, who was principal deputy commissioner of the FDA under Obama.

Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters were slammed online after a Trumpster hoarded boxes of tissue paper and napkins, leaving other customers at Dollar Tree with nothing to buy. Although the POTUS had nothing to do with how the woman in the video behaved, some still blamed him.

“Trump inspires the worst among us,”  @AlbertDog81  opined.

“The cruelty is the point. Trump leads by example,” another  wrote.