Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was ranked Thursday as one of Ukraine's top enemies by a local website. Reuters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump apparently has enemies beyond the debate stage or corporate boardrooms. A Ukrainian website on Thursday named the real estate mogul on a comprehensive list of the country's alleged enemies.

The "enemy list" quickly garnered widespread media attention in Ukraine, but was taken down soon after being published, Russian state news agency Sputnik News reported. However, archive website Wayback Machine was able to catalog the list, which also named former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and "Under Siege" actor Steven Seagal among the country's supposed enemies.

Those on the list were arranged in categories, including "enemies," "traitors," "separatists" and "agents of the Kremlin Worldwide." All of the names were ranked on a 10-point "threat level" rating system. Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine last year and has reportedly backed pro-Russian rebels who are fighting Ukrainian government troops.

Trump was ranked No. 9 on the list and named a "Kremlin agent" by the site, which means he is considered a supporter of Russia in international affairs. In June, Trump told Fox's Bill O' Reilly about how, if elected to the White House, he would work well with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The real estate mogul said Putin, "has no respect for our president [Barack Obama] whatsoever. He’s got a tremendous popularity in Russia, they love what he’s doing, they love what he represents. I was over in Moscow two years ago and I will tell you: You can get along with those people and get along with them well. You can make deals with those people. Obama can’t."

French politician Marine Le Pen, Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras and Czech Republic President Miloš Zeman also were named on the list of 21 pro-Russia political and social figures. Putin notably did not make the list. Ukrainian security service members and three-dozen of the country's sociologists and scientists helped compile the list, Ukrainian media reported.

The website warned that the Ukraine enemies "await a tribunal," and asked page visitors to "be vigilant" and to "find and denounce enemies" in social media.