The Karta GPS showing suggestions for a meal. Karta GPS

Reliance on GPS navigation systems has become commonplace, and services like Google Maps offer customizations to suit different parts of the world, with the navigating voice changing its accent to be better understood by those using the service. But a new navigation app takes the change in voice to a whole different level by offering two presidential voices.

Portuguese tech company Karta created a navigation app called Karta GPS that uses open-source map data and enriches the user experience by using curated content from Yelp and Foursquare. In the latest version of the app, users can choose if they want to take directions from former President Bill Clinton or current President Donald Trump.

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It is not just the voices that are clever imitations; even the directions spoken by the two voices have distinct elements that reflect the personalities of the two leaders, including words and phrases they used often (including references to Trump and his fake news obsession).

The company put out a teaser video to showcase the new feature.

“When navigating with GPS you often have to hear some monotone voice explain when to take the next right or roundabout. Karta GPS’s most recent feature will make that boredom a thing of the past. With its new navigation voice options; current President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton will give you ample hours of entertainment and direction. Donald gives it to you straight, never letting you settle for anything less than the top ten eateries, while Bill will weave the tale of your journey with that old southern drawl,” the company said in a statement.

Karta GPS officially launched in March, and according to the company, it already has over one million active users. The app, available on both Android and iOS, also provides offline navigation.

The integration with Yelp and Foursqaure lets the app suggest places of interest — such as bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues — to users without them needing to leave the app to find that information. Another feature of the app provides alerts to avoid parking tickets.

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“These new voice features will make users’ day, turning their navigation experiences into the most entertaining ride they’ve have ever taken. We built Karta GPS to guide users to nearly any address or place of interest in the world, whether they are connected to the internet or not, and to provide a clean UX that brings interesting and relevant content to users,” Karta GPS CEO, João Neto said in the statement.

To get Trump or Clinton give you directions, get the app and then look for the feature under the “Downloads” section. Voices for the presidents were done by U.S. voice actors, while the dialogue and scripts were written by the Karta GPS team. The app is available in over 200 countries around the world.