The show must go on. Donald Trump’s campaign will move on without him while the real estate billionaire serves jury duty in New York City. Trump was summoned to serve at the state's supreme court and is expected to report for the civil service on Monday morning, according to the New York Times.

When Trump reports for jury duty on Monday, his $250 fine for ignoring five jury summonses over nine years will be erased, according to the New York Daily News. But before he makes his way to New York, Trump paid a visit to Iowa, landing his helicopter just outside the Iowa State Fair. Trump plans to offer helicopter rides to kids and will view this year’s version of the state fair butter cow sculpture -- in lieu of a traditional “soapbox” speech, according to MSNBC.

Trump’s jury duty comes in the middle of an important time in his campaign. He’s set to release detailed immigration and tax policy plans next month. “We’ll release a number of them,” Trump said to the Washington Post. "We’ll start with immigration and then we’ll do tax. Those will be the first two.”

Trump also made headlines this week, by announcing that he "loves" the idea of campaign finance reform. “One of the things you should do is everybody should be known,” Trump said during a question and answer session in Hampton, New Hampshire. “If somebody gives a million or two million or five million it should be known.”

According to a CNN poll, Trump continues to hold his lead in Iowa, with 22 percent support, pacing ahead of retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson who is in second place with 14 percent of support from respondents.

Following his appearance in Iowa, Trump is expected to hop back on his plane and fly back to New York for jury duty.