• Donald Trump recently sparked new health concerns 
  • Donald Trump was photographed jerking during SOTU
  • Trump appeared to be suffering from spasms during the SOTU

Donald Trump sparked new health concerns earlier this week after some netizens noticed that he was jerking during the State of the Union address.

Twitter user @TomJChicago uploaded a video showing the exact moment when the POTUS twitched uncomfortably while looking from the front to his right side.

Melania Trump’s husband also placed his arms on the podium, which made it seem as though he couldn’t maintain his balance.

“Cranked up, most likely on stimulants and Levodopa, Trump struggled all night with body jerking, teeth-baring, arm trembling, and a podium death grip. His dementia Tour de Force climaxed with his neurological body jerk/spasm,” the Twitter user speculated.

Some critics also mocked Trump over his possible health issues. One of them even went as far as saying that he expected the president to collapse during the SOTU.

“Enlarge this clip, mute it (mercifully) and stop and go the video. There isn’t a single frame where he doesn’t look drunk, possessed, something. Also, an [expletive] of makeup on, like a mask. This is what ‘selling the soul you never had’ looks like, end stages,” Twitter user @FrozenAlchemy said.

“Between the lies, the spasms and the blatant pandering to a TV crowd, it was a miserable thing to watch,” Twitter user @Jodymcp said.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @JohnMTalmadgeMD, who happens to be a licensed physician and a professor of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, has been speculating on the possibility of Trump suffering from dementia.

In fact, his recent tweets during the State of the Union Address made use of the hashtag #Presidementia. Talmadge noticed how the POTUS sounded tired, apathetic, cheerless, and bord while reading his speech from a teleprompter.

“One wonders who wrote this one. Word is, Trump actually practiced. #TrumpWontDebate,” he tweeted.

Last year, Talmadge also shared his professional opinion on the president. He said that the POTUS is impaired to the extent that he couldn’t emotionally, physically, and mentally meet the demands of his position.

US President Donald Trump was not in forgiving mood at the annual National Prayer Breakfast
US President Donald Trump was not in forgiving mood at the annual National Prayer Breakfast AFP / Nicholas Kamm