• Woman leaks airplane toilet seat for coronavirus challenge
  • Twitter reacts with disgust to the coronavirus challenge
  • Melania Trump canceled her fundraising event despite Donald Trump's claim that coronavirus risk is low

Donald Trump supporter does coronavirus challenge.

A video of a woman licking a toilet seat inside an airplane has gone viral. The video was taken after Trump said that the coronavirus was just a hoax.

According to Jason Miciak of Political Flare, the woman is one of Trump’s supporters and they are starting their own “coronavirus challenge.” Many are convinced that she did the challenge to show the world that COVID-19 is just a hoax as what the POTUS said.

“It does seem like the Trumpers have adopted the Donald Trump approach to real life. If they don’t like it, if it inconveniences them, if it doesn’t feel good, well then it’s surely not real. I will point out, that no species has ever found such thinking to be an evolutionary advantage,” Miciak wrote.

Twitter users reacted with disgust after seeing the video. Many said that it was stupid and dumb while several also said they were not doing the challenge.

“Yeah, I think she’s alone on this one,” @Trolls4Charity commented.

“This coronavirus challenge is disgusting, I am disgusted of seeing y’all lick the [explicit] toilet seat,” @EvelynAbzun_ wrote

“By licking toilet seats, the virus could be inside of you and your saliva transfers it to the toilet. someone then does some stupid coronavirus challenge that I saw somewhere licks the toilet seat and acquires the virus,” @novacatnine opined.

Meanwhile, a different netizen challenged the president to do the same as the women did to show the world that coronavirus is just the “New Democrat Hoax” as he claimed.

“If @realDonaldTrump believes that #coronavirus is just the ‘New Democrat Hoax’, then I challenge him to head on over to Montefiore and lick the front door handles for 20 seconds. No just putting the tip on one. I mean lick that thing like an ice cream cone.  Pretend it's Putin!” @AutomatedDawn wrote.

Trump wrote on Twitter last week that the fake news media and Democrat Party inflamed the coronavirus situation and added that “the risk is low to the average American.” So many reacted when his wife Melania Trump canceled her fundraising event in California amid the COVID-19 outbreak.