• Melania Trump needs to have a thicker skin, author says
  • Melania Trump cancels her fundraising event in California amid coronavirus outbreak
  • Melania Trump keeps mum about coronavirus

Melania Trump needs to have thicker skin, an expert has said.

The first lady of the United States has been subjected to various criticism. Melania’s “Be Best” campaign was slammed, many questioned her qualifications and visa and some even brought back her nude photos when she was still a model. Due to these negativities, American author and journalist Kate Andersen Brower gave a piece of advice to the FLOTUS, saying that she needs to have a “thicker skin.”

“I think social media has made everything more vitriolic and negative,” Andersen Brower told Express. “And that has affected the way politicians and their spouses are perceived. People can say terrible things on social media and hide behind their phones and computer screens. First Ladies need to have thicker skins now than ever before.”

Melania is often compared to former first lady Michelle Obama with some saying the latter was far more better than the current one. However, according to Andersen Brower, Barack Obama’s wife also endured a lot of criticisms. In fact, Michelle had it worse than Melania because the former incited more negativity, but she was able to pull it off which makes her a good example for the FLOTUS.

“Michelle Obama was a lightning rod for conservatives and people who didn’t agree with, or simply didn’t like, her husband. I think she incited far more negativity and she weathered the storms well,“ Andersen Brower said.

The “Exploring the White House” author also suggested that Melania reach out and talk to former first ladies like Laura Bush and Michelle because they could help her harness her power and influence to make a real change. She also commented on the FLOTUS’ Be Best initiative and how it can be improved.

“I think Melania’s Be Best campaign is too broad to really be effective and the women who came before her could help her narrow down a topic to really focus in on. First Ladies have incredible power and influence because of their public platforms and I think every First Lady should aspire to make a real difference,” she added.

On March 10, Melania attended the National PTA Legislative Conference but didn’t mention coronavirus in her speech. Instead, the FLOTUS boasts about Be Best campaign.

Just recently, Melania canceled her fundraising event in California after keeping mum about coronavirus. The FLOTUS said that she couldn’t make it due to “scheduling conflict.”