• Twitter users want President Donald Trump to get mental health help
  • Twitter users want 25th amendment now
  • Donald Trump sparks health concern but some just dismissed it

Twitter users want Donald Trump to get mental health help and execute the 25th amendment.

The president of the United States has been doing his part in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some felt that he was too late and his ego, downplaying the virus have caused several citizens’ lives. Thus, many are asking the POTUS to seek help for his mental health because they felt that his declining mental condition has been affecting his decision making.

“what in the [explicit] is wrong with you? Get some mental health assistance before you destroy this great nation,” @shocky111 wrote.

“Nobody ever heard of fake news until you came along. Your whole existence is based on your delusions that everyone is out to get you. That's how you've managed to divide our country. Poor you! Media is not the enemy. You need mental health help,” @dellekxox0 added.

“I totally disagree! Trump’s declining #Mentalhealth on display is frightening during this crisis and we to use the #25AmendmentNow,” @anntirrell wrote.

“As a therapist, my ethical code prevents me from diagnosing your mental health issues. As a veteran who took an oath to protect this nations from enemies foreign and domestic. I must inform everyone that you are a manipulative, pathological lying, sociopath! #25thAmendment,” @PorzondekCraig added.


Those who supported Trump were also called by other online users to seek mental help. James Wood said he couldn’t care less on what anybody else says, for him, Trump is a “great president.” He also recognized Trump for stepping up in the crisis like a champion. But many attacked him for doing so.

“Seek a mental health professional ASAP,” one commented on Woods’ post.

Another felt that Woods was having a “serious break with reality” and suggested that he turn himself into the nearest mental facility to get help. “I’m serious, not trying to insult you. GO NOW. GET HELP. DON'T WAIT,” the online user added.

In related news Trump has sparked health concerns due to his breathing pattern. Many felt that he sounded severely out of breath in the conferences lately. But others just dismissed with one saying, “I hope he has cancer.”

US President Donald Trump will join fellow world leaders at the emergency videoconference US President Donald Trump will join fellow world leaders at the emergency videoconference Photo: AFP / MANDEL NGAN