President Joe Biden has seen a sharp dip in his approval rating since late August. In a common political trend, Americans often sour on the president in the honeymoon period of their first term.

But how do Biden's approval ratings compare to his predecessor? The question might be particularly pertinent considering Donald Trump continues to flirt with another run for the White House in 2024.

In short, Biden does better than Trump after a year in office.

According to a Reuters-Ipsos poll that was released on Jan. 20, Biden had a job approval rating of 43%, compared to a 52% disapproval rating. Trump, meanwhile, had a 37% approval rating, compared to a 59% disapproval rating from a Reuters-Ipsos poll at around Jan. 20, 2018.

What about other polling services? Biden outperforms Trump in those, as well.

A Gallup poll for Biden on Jan. 16 showed him with a 40% approval rating and a 56% disapproval rating. Trump's Gallup poll numbers were worse at about the same period of his term -- a 36% approval rating and a 59% disapproval rating.

When comparing the most favorable poll numbers for Biden and Trump in their first years, Biden also fares better than Trump, according to poll aggregator RealClearPolitics.

Two polls in 2021 showed Biden with a positive net approval rating of 29 points. Trump only had one poll in 2017 that showed a net positive approval rating above six points.

In the 2020 presidential election, Biden defeated Trump in the popular vote, 51.3% to 46.9%. Other candidates received a total of 1.8%.