His campaign limping along, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is scheduled to deliver a foreign policy speech Monday in Youngstown, Ohio. The remarks are expected to be centered on the fight against the so-called Islamic State group, also known as ISIS. 

The speech at Youngstown State University is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. EDT. You can find a live stream of the remarks here, or simply scroll to the bottom of this article page, where a video feed is embedded. 

Trump's running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, described the message of the speech simply on the television program Fox News Sunday, saying "He's going to lay out his vision and his strategy for defeating radical Islamic terrorism."

An anonymous senior campaign official told CNN that Trump Monday will "lay out proposals to combat ISIS and prevent terrorist attacks in the US, including banning individuals from countries with heavy terrorist footprints where the US government cannot adequately vet visa applicants and increasing cooperation with willing Middle Eastern allies."

Trump is expected to say that any country willing to fight "radical Islamic terrorism" — the phrase the GOP nominee has regularly criticized U.S. President Barack Obama for not saying —  will be an ally of the U.S., according to the Military Times

Trump is expected to make a call to work with Muslim nations, despite his a number of inflammatory comments and proposals involving the religion. He's proposed banning all Muslims from entering the U.S., has linked Obama to radical Islamic terrorism (saying he founded ISIS), suggested surveillance at U.S. mosques and claimed that "Islam hates us."

Trump trails his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton in the polls by a pretty wide margin. The Real Clear Politics average of polls has him down by 6.8 points nationally. Ohio is a key battleground state in the race to the White House. Polls in the swing state show a relatively tight competition, with Clinton currently holding a 2.6 percentage point lead, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls.