• Donald Trump’s statement about Tony Rankin in his speech is not true, according to Bernard Condon
  • Donald Trump is mocked on Twitter due to "inaccurate information" in his speech
  • Donald Trump reportedly likes his daughter Ivanka more than his wife Melania

Donald Trump is mocked by Twitter users for inaccurate information in his speech.

According to Bernard Condon, the president’s story about a veteran’s comeback was not true. Condon was referring to Trump’s claim that he turned Tony Rankin’s life around by giving him construction job, thanks to the administration’s “Opportunity Zone” tax break that aims to help poor neighborhoods. Rankins is a formerly homeless, drug-addicted Army veteran.

Condon said that Rankin is now living in an apartment after landing a refurbishing job in a Nashville hotel two years ago not in a construction company. Also, the hotel where he is working couldn’t benefit the “Opportunity Zone” tax break because the area didn’t make the cut. Several netizens reacted and slammed Trump for lying, with some even questioning his mental capacity.

“I’m schocked that @realDonaldTrump would give a speech containing inaccurate information,” lawyer George Conway wrote on Twitter.

"Trump should get the Man Booker award for best fiction,” @fhotogurl added.

“This is why I don’t believe his mental faculties are failing him as much as everyone says. His lies, especially ones like these, are part of the cycle of abuse he’s in with his own base. He’s being highly manipulative to get them to stay with him,” @LovestoResearch opined.

“Wait... wait... trump... inaccurate information, in a speech...??? You’re not suggesting that, Donald Jenius Trump... lies... are you George???” @JoJoFromJerz wrote.

“Good grief, this president* is nothing but fake news and lies to make himself look like he is presidential.  He is far from that!! November is coming!” @mwamsley5 commented.

In related news, there are outrageous conspiracy theories involving Trump and his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka. Twitter users speculate that the president prefers the first daughter over the first lady.

Many are convinced that Trump loves Ivanka more than Melania because he pours more attention to the former than the latter. Another alleged that Trump finds Ivanka more attractive than Melania.