• Donald Trump loves daughter Ivanka more than wife Melania, Twitter says
  • Twitter alleged Donald Trump is more attracted to Ivanka than Melania
  • Melania Trump sparked marital feud rumors when Donald Trump held her hand

Twitter users speculate that Donald Trump loves his daughter Ivanka more than his wife Melania.

The first lady and first daughter were with the president when it was reported that he had been acquitted by the senate, Express first reported. Ivanka rushed on to the stage to hug her father. The POTUS then went to his wife to give her an embrace, but many felt that it was not a “real hug.” 

Twitter users have mixed reactions about Trump’s relationship with his daughter and wife. Many claimed that Trump loves his daughter more than his wife.

“He loves his daughter/wife more then his wife. Then he went on to complain how wives behave when husband is dying. Trump projecting again his inner feelings that are abnormal about his daughter. Creepy,” @megdcrad wrote.

“Donald Trump is nearly 74, obese, he can't talk, takes drugs, obviously drinks, and loves his daughter more than his wife. That's enough to make the Grinch laugh out loud,” @mon_coeur_gay added.

“Donald Trump is in love with his daughter. I expect he has far more interesting conversations with her than with Melania, who still struggles to speak English properly... ” @gary_kline added.

Others alleged that Trump is more attracted to Ivanka than Melania. The father of four was even photographed kissing Ivanka on the lips.

“Trump loves kissing his daughter more than he does his wife. What does that say about him? What's wrong with kissing ones spouse?” @CindyDytle wrote.

“Trump finds his daughter more sexually attractive than his wife. I never see him and Melania have any public displays of affection. At lest Buttigieg and his husband love each other,” @kdbowlin opined.

In related news, Melania sparked marital feud rumors when she joined Trump at the NCAA College Football Championship. The FLOTUS was caught on camera grimacing when the POTUS reached out to hold her hand. There was also a clip of Melania snatching her hand away from Trump.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump An Australian minister who was with Ivanka Trump last week was tested positive for coronavirus. In the picture, President Donald Trump hugs his daughter and senior advisor Ivanka Trump, who attended a party at billionaire Jeff Bezos' home in January where Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell was also present. Photo: GETTY / Drew Angerer