Protests at Donald Trump's San Jose rally
A demonstrator burns a hat in protest of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump outside a campaign rally in San Jose, California, June 2, 2016. REUTERS/STEPHEN LAM

Donald Trump’s rally in San Jose, California, was marred with protests Thursday where dissidents threw egg shells at supporters in addition to engaging in fist fights.

The Guardian reported that police were armed in riot gear and night sticks trying to drive the protesters away. The police after warning the crowd to disperse started making arrests. Dissidents also threw water bottles and rocks at the police.

At least 1,000 dissidents clashed with supporters as they were leaving the San Jose Convention Center where the presumptive Republican nominee had spoken earlier, reports said. Demonstrators reportedly included Latino college and high school students and union members.

Protesters set "Make America Great Again" hats on fire and waved the Mexican flag, CNN reported. Some even set a few American flags on fire while others held signs that read "We need socialism" and "A vote for Trump is a vote for fascism." Scuffles broke out when dissidents threw insults at the supporters as they exited the arena in large numbers.

ABC’s Tom Llamas tweeted that most of the demonstrators had dispersed. “Still pockets of activity around convention center. This was by the most violent demonstrations we've seen.”

San Jose Police declared the gathering an “unlawful assembly” about 30 minutes after the rally ended, reports said.

Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns have condemned the violence at the rally. The chair of Hillary Clinton for America, John Podesta, tweeted, “Violence against supporters of any candidate has no place in this election.”

Mike Casca, Sanders’ rapid response director, wrote on Twitter, “We cannot stop trump's violent rhetoric with violence – only peaceful protest in a voting booth can do that.”