• Donald Trump rehired Hope Hicks for his campaign
  • Hope Hicks will serve as counselor to the POTUS
  • Hope Hicks was allegedly hired to tend to the POTUS's declining mental state

Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, recently rehired Hope Hicks ahead of the POTUS’ re-election.

In a statement, Kushner said that Hicks will be implementing the POTUS’ agenda. Her official title will be counselor to the president, and she will work closely on Trump’s reelection campaign.

Two years ago, Hicks left Trump’s office after she made false statements about the POTUS’ campaign interactions with Russians in 2016. After leaving her post, Hicks moved on to work for Fox.

But Andrew Laufer, a civil rights attorney, and a Trump critic claimed to know why Hicks was rehired by the first family.

“Was just told by one of my contacts that the actual reason why Hope Hicks is being brought back to the WH is due to Trump’s declining mental state,” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user echoed Laufer’s statements by saying that Hicks was tapped to rejoin the POTUS’s reelection campaign due to Trump’s worsening dementia. Melania Trump’s husband previously said that he’s comfortable with Hicks.

“It’s a desperation move – Hicks may be the only person he’ll listen to. He has already crashed and burned. She can’t fix the unfolding disaster. She can’t create a dead cat bounce,” @TomJChicago wrote.

“The real reason they are bringing Hope Hicks back is Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior. She is something of a ‘Trump Whisperer’ and can talk him out of his rages and ‘off the ledge’ those days he is found in a fetal position screaming into the void,” Twitter user @CaslerNoel wrote.

Some critics of Trump reacted to the allegations about Hicks’ recent rehiring.

“Can you imagine the thought process she goes through to get to the decision that her career and life will now be defined as the woman who helped cover up the 45th president’s dementia and drug abuse??” Twitter user @Middleinamerica wrote.

“Since Trump and Melania aren’t sleeping together and living on separate floors, plenty of space for Hope in the White House,” Twitter user @MapleTommy wrote.