A mother called her son a hero after he gave his life to save her from being swept out at sea.

Ross Parker, 24, and his mother, Sam Ord were taking a stroll along Hive beach in Bridport, Dorset on Nov. 3 when a wave hit the back of Ord’s legs and sent her falling into the water.

Two men collect shells at the beach on Topsail Island, North Carolina, on Sept. 12, 2018. Getty Images/LOGAN CYRUS

According to a report by The Sun, Parker tried to pull his mother to safety but she struggled getting up, describing the surface as feeling “like quicksand”.

“He was holding me down to stop me getting washed into the sea,” Ord said. “He was knelt down with his knee on my chest and I’ve got bruises on my arms from where he was holding my arms. Water was coming over us, in our mouths and in our noses, and I actually said to him, ‘I’m going to die’.”

Parker reportedly called for help but a large wave crashed into the mother and her son and swept Parker further into the water and pushed Ord back onto the shore.

“I remember the water coming over us and him saying ‘I’m sorry, mum’ but the next thing I remember is being flat on my back on the beach,” Ord said.

Coastguards launched a search operation and used boats and helicopters to aid in the search.

“Up until about 6:30 p.m. I was hoping they’d find him but when it got to that time, I honestly got this feeling that I can’t describe—I’ve never had it before—but I knew he was gone,” Ord said.

“For me, I think he went at half past six as I felt something die inside me.”

Parker’s body was found washed ashore the following morning.

Ord released a photo of Parker taken on the very same beach moments before the incident happened.

On Nov. 4, the body of a man washed up at Hive beach and was identified as the man who, along with a woman, was swept out to sea by the waves in nearby Freshwater Beach Holiday Park the day before.

The mother survived the incident and had been treated by paramedics after being rescued.