Downton Abbey
How will Mary handle motherhood after the death of Matthew? Downton Abbey/ITV

Mary may be getting a new love interest in season 4 of “Downton Abbey,” but that doesn’t mean her journey to move on will be easy. A new sneak peek video of the premiere has leaked online, and viewers will be heartbroken watching Mary’s struggle after Matthew’s untimely death.

U.S. “Downton Abbey” viewers won’t be able to watch the hit ITV series until the spring, but U.K. viewers are set to watch the drama unfold on Sunday, Sept. 22. Fortunately Spoiler TV leaked a clip from episode 1 of season 4 that can give U.S. fans a taste of what’s to come.

Dressed in black and looking out a window, Mary’s thoughts are interrupted by Anna. “I thought you might like to take this down with you,” she says to Lady Mary, handing her a purple wrap. “In case you want to walk … it’s quite chilly.”

Mary looks at her with no emotion. “Where’s the black one?” she responds to a visibly frustrated Anna.

The two are interrupted by a knock on the door.

“I’m taking Master George out for some air, my lady,” the nanny says to Mary. “And I wondered if you’d like to come with us.

“I don’t think so,” she responds, touching baby George’s head and giving him a kiss before turning away. “Poor little orphan.”

No longer able to keep quiet regarding Lady Mary’s mourning process, Anna fires back at Mary. “He’s not an orphan,” she says, upset. “He’s got his mother -- orphans haven’t."

And without even looking up, Mary tells her servant, “He isn’t poor either, come to that.”

[Click HERE to watch the sneak peek of the season 4 “Downton Abbey” premiere on Spoiler TV.]

The sneak peek video comes a couple days after the season 4 premiere synopsis was leaked online. The Sept. 22 episode will follow Mary as she struggles to come to terms with her loss as a new mother. While the Downton household will attempt to help, both Robert and Violet can’t agree on “how to bring her through it.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy “finally takes an interest in Ivy,” Carson gets an unwelcome “reminder of his past,” Mrs. Hughes helps a “grief-stricken Isobel,” and Thomas gets “up to his old tricks” with the new nanny.